Dustin Milligan and Aaron Brooks, writers/actors/exec-producers: BAD CITY

1Q: Tell us a little about the origins of BAD CITY, from concept to financing. Carl Bessai optioned another script of ours that we were shooting a teaser for, and it happened to be set in the 70’s. We had so much fun chain-smoking, drinking, and open-palm-slapping (especially once we started filming), that we decided to write a feature loosely based on these guys. Something that would not only be cheap, but that would exploit how cheap it was. With Carl’s blessing, Aaron and Dustin spent 8 ENTI

Billy Was a Deaf Kid

Billy Was a Deaf Kid was a very trying movie for me to get through. The two speaking characters, Sophie and her boyfriend Archie, were the most annoying couple I’ve ever seen on screen or in person. They never STOP TALKING. But they don’t talk about anything, it was just “Why did you do that?” “Why did you do that?” “Why are you doing that?” “But why did you do that?” Ten bajillion times over. There are also a couple of shocking moments, starting with the opening scene of Archie spitting into So


My belief is that films should teach you something, inspire you to something, or make you feel something, passionately. NEVER is a quiet little film that meanders slowly along until the final, heartbreaking, REAL end. It’s a feeling that young people will totally get, and that older people should remember, but it’s not sappy and it’s not a fairy tale. Nikki (Zelda Williams) is a young, struggling musician in Seattle, and is not taking the breakup with her girlfriend well. She soon meets Denim


I don’t know if I have enough time to write the review this film deserves, so let me start with this: As of this moment, DOWN RIVER is my favorite film of Cinequest 2014, and I plan on getting the DVD just as soon as one is available. So put it on your schedule, ASAP. Now let me try to do the film justice. For some reason, several of the Cinequest blurbs about the films are just not accurate. So ignore what it says for DOWN RIVER. This film is about four women who live separately in an apartmen