American Horror Story: Cult – Killer Clowns and Crazy Lesbians – TrashTalkTV

We open on an Election Night Party in Brookfield Heights, Michigan. November 8, 2016, was also my birthday, so thanks for bringing back all those traumatic memories. This party is being held at the home of Ally Mayfair-Richards, who is played by our favorite lesbian Sarah Paulson. She is married to our new favorite lesbian, Ivy, played by Alison Pill. They have an adorable little boy na

The X Files Recap: The Truth is Out There, and it has a large pyrotechnic budget – TrashTalkTV

Welcome back to the greatest show of the 90s! Will this be great? Or did the Fox Network just have them jump a giant alien shark? The Truth is Out There. This episode starts off with long exposition about the X Files origins, and I hate recapping exposition. Everyone here already knows what’s going on, right? OKAY FINE, in a nutshell: His little sister was [allegedly] kidnapped by aliens and Mulder has been obsessed ever since. He eventually ended up in the FBI in a special group called… The X

AHS Hotel Recap: The killer is revealed, and Duh. – TrashTalkTV

So can we just all agree that we’ve crossed that line in the season where this show now sucks? Did anyone seriously enjoy this episode? I was BORED. Wes Bentley drives me up the fucking wall. All the stupid exposition drives me up the fucking wall. I’m so far up the wall I’m like that freaky baby from Trainspotting. Is the season over yet??? This is episode 8 and there are THIRTEEN episodes and I am so over this show and they’ve renewed it for 2016. Someone PLEASE make sure I don’t sign up for

Newlyweds Recap: Fresh Meat for the Altar – TrashTalkTV

Here we are, barely over the tragedy of Jeff & Blair’s break-up, and the travesty of Tina & Tarz and their ability to multiply like rabbits, and now we get to meet a new batch of Newlyweds. The first episode is usually tame because we’re just meeting the excited little lovers, and no one’s married yet so they’re all (mostly) getting along. But if you look carefully there are all SORTS of red flags that signify good TV to come. I’m super excited now. We open up in Bethesda, Maryland, to meet Kir

Newlyweds Recap: Where Are They Now? – TrashTalkTV

Hello my precious little Trashies! I haven’t decided what to call you when the season starts next week. Trashyweds? I dunno. If you have an idea, leave a comment and I’ll pick the best one. So next week we get to meet four new couples with visions of Happy-Ever-After in their sweet, tender little hearts, until the reality of Reality TV, the Twitter-verse, and those dirty ole recappers get their paws on them and dash their dreams. But let them have their last week of blissful ignorance. This wee