San Jose Metblogs » Palo Alto Players presents The Graduate

Palo Alto Players is currently presenting The Graduate, one of my favorite novellas by Charles Webb. Even for those who have never read the 1963 book by Charles Webb, or seen the film starring Dustin Hoffman, Mrs. Robinson’s stocking-ed leg is still an iconic image. The question here is can it work as a stage production? Max Tachis inhabits Benjamin Braddock on stage as perfectly as young Dustin Hoffman did on film. I have seen the very talented Tachis in many shows now, and he was a large reas

San Jose Metblogs » TheatreWorks’ Crimes of the Heart: Sweet, Charming, Fantastic

I saw a show at Theatreworks last night that not only had me laughing, but completely kept my mind off politics for two and a half hours. The show is worth the price of admission just for that. But aside from that. Crimes of the Heart is playing at the Mountain View Center of Performing Arts, and they have done a stupendous job. This is the story of three adult sisters who must come together at their Southern family home after one has been arrested for shooting her husband. The eldest sister is

San Jose Metblogs » King Arthur visits City Lights Theater in SPAMALOT

City Lights Theater Company has gone ambitious this summer as it presents the comedy extravaganza Monty Python’s Spamalot! This is one of my favorite shows because it’s just so irreverent and complete fun. There is nothing serious in this show, there are no deep hidden meanings, and there is so much going on at any and all times that glitches are guaranteed to happen every single night… and it is always fun and hilarious to see how these professional performers manage to overcome the unexpected.

San Jose Metblogs » THE GREAT PRETENDER a Must-See at TheatreWorks

TheatreWorks is presenting another amazing show as the opener of their 45th season. This is the world premiere of The Great Pretender, by David West Read, and I have no doubt this original show will be playing many theaters in the future. Mr. Felt is the host of a televised puppet show for children. He works with a puppet child named Francis, a puppet pony named Carol and a couple other friends. In the opening we get to see them put on their puppet show of craft making, which goes on just long

San Jose Metblogs » City Lights inadvertently presents allegory for the closing of The Rep

Theater audiences all over the Bay Area went to see fantastic, thoughtful, hysterical, amazing shows and musicals last weekend. We came home looking forward to seeing the next shows, or acting or producing the next shows, and many of us contemplated our reviews of the weekend. And then we sat down Monday to do our work. And at 10:30am we received the press release in our In-Box: San Jose, CA. June 11, 2014 – San Jose Repertory Theatre announced today that it has ceased operation as of Monday,

San Jose Metblogs » Baseball fans flock to GAME ON at the San Jose Rep.

Let’s do full disclosure first, shall we? 1) My interest in baseball on a scale of 1-10 is 0. 2) My knowledge of baseball is maybe a 6. 3) My interest and knowledge in fantasy leagues is 0. Please don’t run me out of town or take away my citizenship. I’ll happily cook up party food for every night of the World Series if you like, just please let me read a book during the game. And I promise not to serve you bugs. Or DO I???? That said, baseball fans think Game On is a home run. Set in an u